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I am a passionate iOS developer who loves design, public speaking, and tacos.

University of Cincinnati

I am a fourth year student at UC with plans to graduate in May of 2021. If I tell you how much I am involved in on campus you probably wouldn't believe me. I am a campus tour guide, so I get to talk to groups of parents and students every week about how much I love being a bearcat, which has inspired me to get a minor in communications. I am currently the vice president of ACM at UC, where I have given tech talks about UX design and iOS development.

Computer Science

I study computer science at UC and enjoy being involved with the tech community on campus. My favorite event of the year is RevolutionUC, which is UC's student-run hackathon that had +380 attendees last year. I have helped organized the event for the past three years and this year I will act as Hacker Experience Lead, Branding Lead, and Marketing Lead as well as assisting the logistics team. I absolutely love hackathons and the way that it brings the tech community together, which can lead to some truly inspiring and mind-blowing projects.

Mobile Development

I have been developing mobile apps for iOS since 2016. I have a wide range of experience from working on large beauty retail and grocery apps to consulting and contracting for startups. Coding brings me so much joy but I have a secret love for UX and UI design. I want to continue iOS development throughout my career and am very excited to see where it takes me.


Passion projects and awesome apps I am developing.

Planet Swap

A Match-3 Mobile Game

ACM Lightning Talk

UX and UI- What are they?

AR Beauty

An Interactive AR Experience

a Fourth for Lisboa

UX/UI App Redesign


A score-keeping app


My professional internships and co-ops.

  • Jan 2019 - Aug 2019

    iOS Development Intern

    Kroger Digital

    Explored different aspects of the mobile development space including product management and UX design while developing features for the Kroger app, which impacts around 7.4 million customers a month.

    • Delivered features for the Kroger app directly to customers within 2 weeks of code completion
    • Worked on the Native App Platform team, understanding strategies and enforcing coding standards
    • Developed full features on the In Store Mode team to a brand new product line, directly impacting the customers using the Kroger app
    • Co-ran a weekly meeting of +150 participants, giving updates on performance and projects from special teams to all of Kroger Digital

  • Jun - Aug 2018

    Mobile Development Intern

    Ulta Beauty

    Worked on projects for guest mobility, enterprise mobility, and digital innovation while completing a larger AR project for the company.

    • Developed an interactive AR app that demonstrates the potential of AR to a retailer and their mobile shopping experience
    • Worked extensively with ARKit and Xcode to develop a custom environment for a 3D model to be placed and manipulated by the user
    • Implemented an automated build script feature that pushed a final build directly to the Google Play store instead of going through a third party
    • Worked on tickets to fix bugs and contribute to the codebase of both the guest and enterprise app

  • May - Jun 2018

    Independent Consultant

    Giant Sparkplug LLC

    Returned to GSP as a UX/UI consultant to lead the visual design of a companion app to a board game.

    • Designed the user interface of an app that acts as a virtual fourth player for the board game Lisboa
    • Collaborated with the creator to improve the controls and user experience
    • Provided new designs that tied in the board game’s aesthetic into the app to create a more consistent playing experience

  • May - Aug 2017

    Mobile Application Intern

    Giant Sparkplug

    Started at GSP as part of a small team that ported an Android app to iOS and began the development process.

    • Analyzed and constructed data maps for the iOS app and connected user input to the model
    • Worked closely with senior engineers to build out the app from scratch and develop its hierarchy using OOP
    • Focused mainly on saving user input to disk and configuring the camera and photo library in the app

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